What is the role and material of the skirting board?


Many people often ignore the skirting board when decorating and feel that it is optional. In fact, the skirting board has a very important role. If the skirting board is not handled properly, it will affect the decorative effect. The following will take you to understand what is the skirting board, the role and material of the skirting board.

What is the skirting board?

What is the skirting board ? The skirting board, also known as the skirting line, is an important node at the junction between the wall and the ground, protecting the wall surface from contamination and decoration.

The role of feet

1, protection

The skirting board can cover the gap between the floor and the wall, so that the combination of the ground and the wall is more solid. It can prevent the wall from being damaged by external force collisions, and it can also prevent the walls from being contaminated when the floor is dragged.

2, decoration

The skirting board is an indispensable decorative material in the home decoration. It balances the vision through the shades of the shakuhachi, waistline and baseboard. Their linear feel, material, and color match make the entire space echo each other and maximize the decorative effect of beautification. In addition, it can make up for some defects left at the intersection of the decorative wall and the ground.

3, moisture, easy to clean

The footboard can prevent the ground water from splashing on the wall, making the wall less susceptible to moisture. The wall surface of the skirting board is not easy to be kicked to soil, and it is easy to clean even if it is soiled.

Material of the skirting board

1, wooden skirting board

Wooden baseboards are usually equipped with wooden floors, which are very versatile and easy to install. Visual comfort, softness, and good looking make it suitable for bedrooms. However, the price is relatively high, the wear resistance is not good, and it is easy to get wet.

2, stone skirting board

Stone baseboard is mainly based on ceramic tile, looks beautiful, easy to clean, waterproof and damp-proof effect. This kind of material is more suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and places where there are more tiles.

3, metal skirting board

Metal skirting boards are commonly used in public areas and are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, moistureproof and fireproof, and easy to clean. However, it has poor flexibility and wear resistance, and it is relatively easy to deform. It is not suitable for heating environments in the north.

4, PVC skirting board

PVC skirting board has a wide variety of colors and wood patterns to choose from, no matter what style it can control, very wild. And affordable, good maintenance. The only drawback is that it is very common.

5, plaster skirting board

The gypsum skirting board presses the ground with gypsum board and different decorative panels to cover the gaps in the ground and make the entire wall a skirting board. Make the entire space full of modernity, the lines are more concise and neat. However, these skirting boards are very resistant to dirt.

The above is what Xiaobian compiled for everyone about the skirting board , its function and material. In our home life, the skirting board can achieve a certain decorative effect and can protect the wall surface from damage. To learn more about the skirting board, please follow this website for more information.

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