Office decoration design skills Office decoration design should pay attention to what


Before the office renovation, we must understand the office decoration design skills and precautions, only the heart Qiu Jun, in order to spend the shortest time, the least money dress up a comfortable and warm office environment. So how do the office decoration design is good? Here we come to a detailed introduction: office decoration design skills and office decoration design should pay attention to what? Hope to give you some help and inspiration.

Office decoration design skills:

1, style

When designing, it is necessary to determine the style according to your own needs. If your company is just on the right track, then you should tend to a simple and practical style when designing. If your company is very large, then when designing it, consider the practicality and flexibility of each space.

2, the state of space

Nowadays, lots of companies don't have very good location and lighting. Therefore, when designing, space should be divided according to the needs, and the comfortable and warm working environment should be created through the lighting, the flow of people and the matching of colors.

3, key elements

When designing in the office, you can use the concept of the company to play your imagination, but you must follow the rules on the design elements. For example, the office floor must be flat, and the circuit must be routed with a professional construction team to ensure everyone's safety and safety. Occurrence of hidden dangers.

Office decoration design should pay attention to what:

1, where to place the seat

When designing an office, there are strict requirements for the placement of seats. For example, many high-end offices have floor-to-ceiling windows that make the office look brighter and more spacious. However, if the windows are located behind the seats, it will give people a sense of empty back, leaving employees with no sense of security.

2, corridors should be straight

When designing, the office corridor should be straight and clearly pointed somewhere. Do not have too many twists and turns to avoid giving people feelings of congestion, poor communication, and darkness.

3, lighting problems

When designing, attention should be paid to lighting, and only a well-ventilated and well-lit environment can make employees feel comfortable and improve work efficiency. In addition, do not allow the table and chairs or other objects to block the light when designing, so as not to affect the staff's mood and work efficiency.

Article Summary: Office decoration design skills and office decoration design to pay attention to what the relevant knowledge is introduced here, and its design office must determine the style, and then a reasonable layout and dress up, so that the overall space is more comfortable, clean and bright Warm.

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