Jane decoration costs is how much simple decoration should pay attention to what


Buying a house requires a large amount of money. After the purchase, the rest of the renovation costs will be low. Therefore, many homeowners often choose simple decoration in order to save money. What is the cost of simple decoration and simple decoration? Let's learn about it together!

How much is the decoration fee?

One, wall paint painting

1, wall lining plus high-grade paint costs about 27 yuan / square meter.

2, if the wall brush 821 putty and ordinary paint, the cost is about 18 yuan / square meter, but the use of 821 putty powder, must be the case under the brush, because 821 PuTTY powder is easy to foaming off, large particles.

Second, floor tiles

The cost of the tiles is about RMB 95/ping, and the cost mainly includes the baseboard, 600*600 Seiko tiles, if the tiles of famous brands are more expensive.

Third, the wall base treatment

The cost of the basic treatment of the wall is about RMB 3 per square meter. The main operation is to make up for the wall after taking the electric wire, to deal with the gap in the wall, to repair the building through the hole and so on. If the wall base is done quite well, this part of the money can be saved. under.

Fourth, the bathroom

Bathroom decoration costs more expensive, especially bathroom equipment, a set down to several thousand dollars. Including: toilets, washbasins, faucets, bath kits, towel bars, trays, floor drains, Yuba, etc. Sanitary products try to choose better quality, quality is more assured, and their service life is longer.

Fifth, ceiling

1, the last part of the price of the ceiling part, mainly to see the ceiling material to set, such as: aluminum buckle 1.0 thick price of 85 yuan / flat, edge strip 10 yuan per meter, reported loss of about 10%; plastic steel plate is about 50 yuan / flat, edge strip loss of 10 yuan per meter reported that about 7%; wood keel plaster flat top is about 80 yuan / flat, the price of these ceilings will not be much difference, we can carefully compare.

Simple decoration should pay attention to what

1. When simply refurbishing, first of all should pay attention to the problem of the direction of all the water pipes in the house. When the decoration is done, check regularly to determine the possibility of water leakage and water seepage. Because some workers think that simple decoration will be rough and do not pay attention to details.

2. Secondly, the owner should have a certain understanding of the design plan and have clear steps in the basic decoration project. Especially in the design of walls, windows, and stair lights, attention should be paid to coordination, and construction must also be arranged in a reasonable time, and it must not affect the rest of the people around them.

3, the final waterproof construction is also a key, although it is a simple decoration, but the waterproofing project is not a sloppy part. Therefore, waterproofing must be done on the ground and walls. In particular, toilets and kitchens are important locations. All water lines must be properly treated in advance.

With regard to the content of the simple decoration and the contents of the precautions, it must be said that everyone understands it! Jane decoration costs cheaper, but simple decoration materials are important, do not buy too cheap, or else the quality is not reliable, later on the need for maintenance on the trouble.

Simple decoration costs

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