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Many people do not know what the baseboard is. The baseboard is literally explained as being installed on the wall. The foot can touch the place, not only can make our house decoration more beautiful, and our decoration style. It is uniform and it can also protect our walls from damage. So, how to install the baseboard ? What are the precautions for installing the skirting board ? Let's let Xiaobian explain how to install the skirting board and install the skirting board.

How to install baseboard

1, measurement length preparation data

Before you install the baseboard, you must measure the length of the baseboard you need to use for each section. This is because the skirting length used in each area is different.

2, cut the baseboard

After determining the required length of the baseboard with a tape measure, a pencil, etc., cut the baseboard data with something like saw teeth.

3, drilling

To prevent playing, we must assess the direction of hydropower before drilling. The interval between drill holes should not be too large, because if the baseboard interval is too large, it is difficult to stick to the wall. Drill holes in the wall with special items. The most common length of the baseboard is 2m. In order to fix the baseboard more firmly, the drilling distance should be about 40cm, and the interface should be a little smaller. Pin the small wood into the hole that was just hit. The nails fixing the baseboard were nailed to the wooden bar and nailed directly to the wall. The nails were loosened.

4, fixed baseboard

We must deal with the wall before we can install the skirting board. Otherwise, the skirting board will not completely stick to the wall, leaving an ugly gap. Look for the drill hole and fix the nail on the baseboard. When fixing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the skirting board is in close contact with the wall, and the nails should be completely immersed in the baseboard.

What are the precautions for installing the baseboard?

1. When installing the baseboard, we must leave a gap of about 1cm. This is because no matter which kind of material the baseboard has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction.

2, in order to prevent manufacturers from cutting corners, so everyone in the installation of the skirting, we must pay attention to see if it is a special screw.

3, the original baseboard is to cover the expansion joints of the floor, so that the ground is more beautiful. Therefore, the edges where the baseboards intersect must be smoothed with a plane.

4. The baseboard should be completely close to the wall, leaving no gaps before it is more beautiful, especially at the corners. The flatness of the wall should be checked before installation.

The above is all about the precautions on how to install the skirting board and installing the skirting board. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to the relevant information of this website. Xiao Bian will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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