Mistakes in the consideration and discrimination of NSK bearings


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Mistakes in the consideration and discrimination of NSK bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-09

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1. Selection and control of shaft and NSK bearing chambers After the NSK bearing is pressed into the bearing, it should change sensitive and unblocked. If there is significant change, it is not sensitive; then the scale of the shaft is too large; the public service should be lowered. After the imported bearing is pressed into the shaft, the hand is transformed with a significant “sand” feeling; it may be that the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, when the shaft and the bearing chamber are controlled, the circle should be controlled. Degree; currently many domestic manufacturers only control the public service; there is no manipulation of roundness.
2, NSK bearing device approach because NSK bearing is a high-precision product; if the device is not appropriate, it is very simple to damage the bearing channel; incurs bearing damage. Bearing should have a special mold when the device; can not be beaten at will; When the shaft is pressed, only a small circle is required; when the large circle is pressed, only a large circle of force is applied. When the device is installed, the air pressure or hydraulic pressure is required; when the press is installed, the upper and lower molds are outside the horizontal condition; if there is a skew, the NSK bearing channel may be caused. Damaged by force; and the bearing is caused to sound.
3. The foreign matter of the device is avoided. When the NSK bearing is mounted on the rotor, it is very simple to put the iron filings generated during the dynamic balance into the bearing; therefore, the best is to install the NSK bearing before the dynamic balance. Some manufacturers for the convenience of the device When the device is coated with some oil or grease in the bearing chamber for smoothing; however, it is often difficult for the operator to manipulate the amount; if oil or grease accumulates in the bearing chamber; it is easy to enter the bearing along the shaft when the bearing changes. Internal. The best part of the bearing chamber is not to apply oil or grease; if it is not painted, it must be handled in the NSK bearing room.
4, paint rust to prevent paint rust is more often in the sealed motor; the motor sounds very good when the device is installed; but after some time in the warehouse; the motor noise is very large; remove the NSK bearing Severe rusting appearance. Many manufacturers have thought it is a bearing problem; through our constant publicity; now the motor factory has realized that the first is the problem of insulating varnish. The problem is mainly due to the acidic substance evaporated from the insulating paint. Corrosive substances are formed under temperature and humidity; the NSK bearing is damaged after the bearing channel is corroded. The problem can only be selected by using a good insulating varnish; and the device is ventilated after drying for a while.
The lifespan of NSK imported bearings is closely related to the production, installation and operation; it must be done at every stage; in order to make the bearings in the best working condition; then extend the service life of NSK bearings.
1. Through the appearance of NSK bearing quality NSK bearing process, many customers say that only the bearing appearance is good quality; this is wrong. The appearance of the imported bearing should be black; the reason for this black is the bearing Whether the steel used can be qualified and its grinding process and the cutting fluid used, etc.;
2, chamfering can be bright NSK bearing chamfer does not determine the quality of the bearing; but it reflects the processing method of NSK bearing. The chamfer is black; clarify the heat treatment by quenching; this adds the hardness of the bearing; and some people think that it is down The angle is black and the good looks are not processed thoroughly; this is a misunderstanding.
3, one cage is better than the two; although the new process uses an integrated cage; but it only saves data; and the performance of the reverse is worse than the two.
In general; the service life of NSK imported bearings is related to three elements; one is the quality of the bearing itself. The second is the use of the environment. The third is the installation method.
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