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SKF imported bearing fault view demand attention

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-03-18

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SKF bearings are an important part of the primary industrial equipment. Bearing problems can lead to expensive stop times; equipment damage and problems. In addition; large industrial bearings represent a lot of capital contribution.
In order to reach the high equipment function and the lowest protection cost, it is necessary to follow the correct disposal method. This includes bearing storage; eradication; cleaning; inspection and installation.
The service life of any SKF bearing depends to a large extent on the protection and protection of it. This is especially true in industrial applications; often the working conditions are harsh; heavy loads; dust and pollution are common plans.
Suitable for all anti-collision bearing descriptions. SKF bearings are stocked with unique anti-corrosion coatings for bearing selection; however, most bearings are not corrosion-resistant materials. Bearings in handling and storage; it is necessary to be careful; to ensure they are not born Rust or corrosion. Even the hands or the few chemical gloves left behind by wet or unprotected contact can cause etching in a small area; this can cause bearing fatigue.
New and remanufactured SKF bearings are shipped with a protective coating; usually in a cover paper or other packaging; and shipped in a carton or wooden box. When received into a new or modified bearing; do not take it from the packaging; The device is in the application program.
Do not store directly on the concrete floor; here you can condense the water collection and bearing. The pallets or bearings on the store shelves; the bearings are not subject to high humidity or sudden and severe temperature changes; can cause condensation to form the area.
Always put oil paper perhaps; if not; race plastic sheet in roller and tapered roller bearing cups.
Each type of SKF bearing is characterized by a common deletion process. Regardless of the bearing type; the bearing has to be uniquely carefully removed. If it is not properly handled; it can damage the bearing; the shaft or casing; requires expensive repairs. Bearing; there is a driver to assist the bearing to be removed, etc.. About the tight fit; or press; or has been locked in a shaft local; can not mechanically remove the bearing puller; the inner ring of the bearing can be heated; to ease the move. Heat lamps or other heating equipment can be used. If it is a torch; it will change the function of the bearing steel and the bearing must be thrown away.
First, the use of the device should be carefully and carefully not allowed to force the stamping; the hammer is not allowed to directly hit the bearing; the pressure is not allowed to pass through the roll.
Second, use appropriate and precise devices to try to use special things; try to avoid the use of cloth and short fibers and the like.
Third, try to adhere to the SKF bearing and its surrounding environment, even if the invisible shallow dust enters the bearing; it will also add bearing wear; oscillation and noise.
Fourth, to avoid the rust of SKF bearings when taking SKF bearings directly; to wash away the sweat on the hands; and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation; especially in the dry season and summer to pay attention to rust.
Under certain operating conditions; SKF bearings are able to obtain a better lifespan than traditional accounting; uniquely under light load conditions. These unique operating conditions are; when the rolling surface (trajectory and rollover) is a smooth oil film Effectively separating and restraining the appearance of contaminants can cause damage to the exterior. In fact; under ambition; the so-called Eternal SKF bearing life is achievable.

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