The company's internal laws: dead rabbits, walking dogs


When I stepped into the society and started to make sales, the boss who brought us was the elders who started the business with the boss. It was an old qualification. I am very puzzled. He not only firmly grasps the customer resources of the department, but also can win a bunch of obedient sales, but he has no patience to take us. I thought, aren't all of our achievements made? When I stepped into the society and started to make sales, the boss who brought us was the elders who started the business with the boss. It was an old qualification. I am very puzzled. He not only firmly grasps the customer resources of the department, but also can win a bunch of obedient sales, but he has no patience to take us. I thought, aren't all of our achievements made? We are not doing better if we do well.
After working for a long time, the social experience is rich, I found this logic is too naive. This phenomenon is too common in the company. Many people who follow the boss to start, hold the company's shares, and be the top of the company are also like this. The customer resources are more tight, the hills are more obvious, the company resources are monopolized, and few people are there. Can emerge from his hand. Technology, service, and business all give priority to his projects, and he feels that those who threaten him are doing everything possible. The company's reform plan can't go to him, and always find various reasons to leave. The boss has nothing to do with this, wants to let his butt let go, and finds that he still can't play.

Many employees are puzzled. He is a shareholder of the company. Does the company do a good job? These employees only know one of them. These so-called minority shareholders, veterans, and heroes have their own deep internal reasons, that is, they are safe for their own interests and strengthen the holding of company resources so as to play with the boss when necessary. I called this phenomenon the law of minority shareholders at that time.

The formation of this mode of thinking in the company has its profound historical reasons, most directly corresponding to the history and reality of countless 'claw rabbit death, walking dog cooking' or the so-called 'crossing the river to break the bridge' event.

The initiator of this killing hero did not know who, but Han Gaozu Liu Bang was clearly one of the most terrible in history, so when the British cloth rebelled, the sinister Hou Tenggong called the original Chu Guoling Yin to ask this matter. Ling Yin said: "He was supposed to be rebellious." Teng Gong said: "The emperor divided the land and made him king. He gave him a title to make him expensive. He listened to Zhengli as the master of Wancheng. Why did he reverse it?" Said: "In previous years, killing Peng Yue, killing Han Xin in the previous year, these three people have the same merits. They are people who are one and the same. They naturally doubt the evils and themselves, so they rebel. When Liu Bang hit the world, let them die. Force, they gave them the king, and they waited for the world to settle down. The emperor’s little abacus was counted as a clear door. Jiangshan was my Liu family. It was to be passed on to future generations, and how to count a few countries in China, so Of course, it is necessary to clear it, so the non-Liu’s husband is not allowed to be the king. It is far worse than Zhou Wuwang’s temperament. If Jiang Ziya comes to assist him, after the success, Zhang Liang will not swim from the red pine branch, waiting for the points. Most of the cracked soil has been smashed.

Liu Bang’s poisoning was extremely bad. As for the many founding monarchs who just sat on the throne, they couldn’t wait to kill the heroes. Zhu Yuanzhang, who was born in the same cloth as Liu Bang, was even better, and he had completely slaughtered the heroes of the founding of the country. The more benevolent Liu Xiu counts one, Li Shimin counts one, and Song Taizu counts as one. Song Taizong designed an exit mechanism to release the right to drink. It’s very frank, you can’t sleep without the power of the military, you’ve got it, and you’ve got the right to go back to be a rich man, and you’ll be able to enjoy it.

Of course, not all the heroes will be stunned, and willing to die in the death of the monarch, so the British cloth will be a rebellion. In the case of Tang Suzong, Guo Ziyi’s general servant Gu Yunen set up a great battle for the peace of Anping, but it was a little contradiction with the eunuch. The suspected emperor wanted to clean up and led the Tubo to invade. When Emperor Dezong, the general of Li’an, who recovered Chang’an, was taken over by the emperor and became a honourable prime minister. After a day of war, he heard that someone in Dali Temple was trying to find out what was going on, and he was so scared that his eyes were crying. , hurriedly looking for the words in the emperor's ear at the time to make another prime minister Li Jie rescue. Why is Li Wei afraid? He explained that he has hundreds of people in his family. If there is one involved in it, and where is it clear, is this not the crime of the Zhulian nine people?

Cao Cao once had a heartfelt word for his advisers, saying that he would not be an emperor himself. There is no such thing as a person who does not know that a few people call the emperor (this sentence is from Cao Cao’s "Let County Self-Declaration Order"), but he It is also impossible to let go of the military power. He held a heavy armor, and Han Xiandi watched the dead, and Han Xiandi tried to get rid of him three times and five times. Therefore, when we look at the actions of Li Mingqi, the lord of the Tang Emperor Li Longji, it is much easier to explain from this level. He monopolizes the passage of the emperor, and all the operas of the emperor must pass through him and warn him. The officials did not want to stand up and scream, and they immediately were taken away. The food of the five products was gone. The reason for Li Lin’s deeper reason is not to guarantee security.

When the middle and late Tang Dynasty, Wang Xianzhi Huang Chao began to fight, thousands of people who were put together by the hungry people, facing the number of the dominant army of the imperial court, and even calmly wandered around. I really think that these two private salt dealers are military geniuses who can win and win, and win less. Because the generals of the chasing generals generally have a book, the court likes to be the most responsible person. If the thief is destroyed, they should take them. So it is better to keep the thief, so that the court should rely on them and not dare to treat them. So Huang Chao later became bigger and bigger. Finally, he captured Chang'an and directly pushed the Tang Dynasty into the deep water.

Through these historical events, combined with this phenomenon in the company, we will analyze the law of minority shareholders. There are about three reasons for this.

First, the boss is used to treating the company as his own family business. He is not willing to share it. Sometimes it is also an expedient to give some heroic shares. In private, he is financially and fattened. And always reveal a kind of killing. Therefore, this kind of game is difficult to avoid.

Second, these so-called heroes and elders are arrogant and arrogant, and they are not allowed to set old qualifications. Instead, they have become obstacles for the company. If they do not clean up, they will seriously restrict the development of the company.

Third, the key point is that there is no design of a good exit mechanism, so that the exiter can protect the interests.

You look at the history of the relationship between the monarch and the minister is so complicated, swords and swords, love and hate.

In fact, it is so close to the end. The boss is a little bigger, the heroes are a little more convergent, and the interests are all a little bit. Doing this three points is the law.
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