How to deal with the damage of wooden doors and windows


Many household wooden doors will change color, paint, and color after many years of use. The whole wooden door looks old. At this time, the wooden door needs to be maintained, or putty or repainted. If it is not repaired, the wooden door will be caused. Rapid aging, resulting in a shorter life. This article summarizes the method of refurbishment and maintenance of wooden doors. Although the wooden door after renovation is old, the new appearance protects the wooden door and is the maintenance of the wooden door.

First, the use of sandpaper to solve

If the surface of the wooden door is damaged, such as cracks or broken pits in some places, you should first put the putty on the damaged place, then sand the sandpaper, then brush the primer and topcoat.

If the base layer is not damaged, consider painting directly. The correct way to do this is to polish the original wooden door with sandpaper and then apply the primer and topcoat directly. Because the finished door is waxed on the surface, there will be grease on the surface. After polishing it, it can improve the adhesion of the paint. There is no difference in quality between refurbishment and first-time painting, so don't worry about shorter life or other quality problems.

Second, the basic part of the renovation

One of the issues that everyone will pay attention to about the renovation of wooden doors is that the original use of oil-based paints or water-based paints on wooden doors will result in poor quality if they are not used in the refurbishment. Experts say that this issue is not a concern.

In general, there are three types of oil paints, polyester paint, nitrocellulose paint and alkyd paint. Alkyd paint is an earlier product that works slowly and is used less and less in decoration. The nitro paint dries quickly but the paint film is thin, it needs to be brushed many times, and the humidity is easy to whiten. Polyester paint is used relatively more, film formation is fast and the effect is better.

If you are using an oil paint, consider using the same paint or water-based paint. In general, the adhesion of the same paint will be relatively good, with the exception of polyester paint. If you originally brushed the polyester paint and then brushed the polyester paint, you need to melt the original paint film to have a good adhesion. One problem with this refurbishment is that the adhesion between the refurbished paint film and the original paint film is not so good. If the new film is damaged, such as being cut open by a sharp weapon or pulling out a pit, going along the crack or pit will cause the two layers to peel off. The water-based paint is relatively more environmentally friendly, and the wooden door renovation is mostly carried out indoors. The oily paint has a large smell and is difficult to volatilize. It is recommended that everyone use the water-based paint to renovate.

It should be noted that if the wooden door is refurbished, the first time the paint is sprayed, the better. Because the original substrate has been dried out during refurbishment, it does not affect the repainted film. If it is a wooden door that has just been bought, it is recommended not to spray it first. Because if the smell is large, it means that it does not dry out, resulting in poor adhesion of the paint film.

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