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I believe that the stairs are not unfamiliar to everyone. How much do you know about the stairs that constitute the stairs? What is the size of the stair step and how is it installed? I believe many people don't know much about it. Here we will introduce the steps of the family's stair steps and stair steps.

Family stair step size

For stairway options, it is important to understand the size of the stairs. And our common stair tread size is 1 to T4 30mm pitch is 125, 155, 185, 215, 245, 275, 305, T1 to T2 40mm pitch is 125, 165, 205, 245, 285, 325, T3 to T4 40mm The spacing is 115, 155, 195, 235, 275, and T1 to T2 60mm spacing is 185, 245, 305. T1 to T2, 60mm spacing is 155, 215, 275. If you choose from the economic point of view, it is recommended to select the widest modulus stairs as much as possible (Series 1 uses 125, 155, 185, 215, 245, 275, series 2 uses 125, 165, 205, 245, 275mm, etc.) as 100mm multiples Length (eg 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200mm, etc.).

The stair step size is determined based on the opening, depth, and floor height of the stairwell, determining the height and width of each stair step, the length and width of the stairway, and the platform width. (Note: It is best to take an even number of tread steps at each step of the double run stair tread, making the number of steps equal to each other.)

Step installation steps

1: Re-check the height of the stairs to see if they are in line with the height of the drawings.

2: Determine the position of the hanging and the base on the stairs, L-shaped must also determine the detailed position of the support or wall support at the turn,

3: After the fixing is determined, the installation of the stair treads on the hanging and the base is fixed.

4: Take out the step board, confirm the installation position of the stair tread board, and install gradually from top to bottom. If you have a small support, you must adjust the height of the small support, then hit the eye to connect the small support to the tread board and not fix it.

5: After fixing the tread board, fix the small support.

6: Each step is to operate the installation of the stairs fence in the above manner

7: First determine the position of the required installation column, drill the installation column

8: fixed column base, the above accessories are loosened, loaded drawing

9: After the wire drawing and the armrest are installed and adjusted to the most suitable position, fix all the fence posts.

Xiao Bian concludes: The installation of the family's stair steps and the installation of stairs is here and it is over. I hope I can help you. For more information, please follow this site.

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