What is the difference between primer and topcoat? How to choose latex paint


As we all know, wall decoration is an essential process in home improvement. If you use paint to decorate the wall, you usually need to brush it several times. The paint is divided into primer and topcoat. But many people don't know much about primer and topcoat, which leads to errors during construction. So what do primer and finish area is it? How to choose latex paint? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What is the difference between primer and topcoat

1. The composition is different: the composition of the primer is composed of a combination of resin and solvent, and the composition of the topcoat is relatively simple without these components.

2. The function is different: the primer is used to fill the paint surface to enhance the fullness of the wall, which can effectively improve the flatness of the wall. Moreover, the wall can be effectively closed to make its base surface firmer. Secondly, the primer can increase the adhesion of the topcoat and facilitate the construction of the topcoat. The topcoat is mainly used as a decoration, it can not only resist aging, but also make the wall surface more shiny.

Second, how to choose latex paint

1. Regardless of the difference between primer and topcoat, we must pay special attention when purchasing. For example, some latex paints have a pungent smell, this kind of paint is not suitable for purchase, because the truly good quality latex paint is non-toxic and odorless environmental protection paint.

2. Even after being left for a period of time, a good quality latex paint will form a thick and elastic oxide film on its surface. The inferior latex paint will only form a very thin touch after being placed for a period of time, which is not only fragile but also spicy, and it is often not suitable for purchase.

3. After the good latex paint is applied to the wall, it can be scrubbed with a rag, even if it is wiped repeatedly for one or two hundred times, it will not affect. And the low-grade latex paint will appear powdered and exposed when it is rubbed only a dozen times.

4. When checking the quality of the latex paint, you can stir it with a wooden stick, and then pick it up with a wooden stick. When the good quality latex paint flows down, it will form a fan shape. Secondly, it feels smooth and smooth while touching it by hand. In addition, you can shake the latex paint bucket. Qualified latex paint has no sound when it shakes. If the shaking sound is loud, it means that its viscosity is not enough.

Editor's summary: Through the above explanations about the difference between primer and topcoat and how to choose latex paint, I hope to bring some help to my friends. Choosing qualified latex paint can not only make the living room more beautiful, but also bring a comfortable environment to the occupants. Secondly, if you like art style, you can choose art paint.

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