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Bearing maintenance, eradication and overhaul

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Bearing maintenance Rolling bearings are a wide range of important mechanical basic components; widely used in various fields of national economy and national defense operations. The mechanical and operating environments using rolling bearings vary widely; therefore, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of bearings; The bearing of the bearing device is a fine part; it has a high scale and fineness; if it is not properly installed, it will lose the fineness and function it should have; if it is severe, it will also form a bearing failure. Therefore, the bearing place and device It is necessary to sanitize things; to prevent various particles from being carried into the bearing. When the device and the bearing are disassembled, it should not be directly hammered; uniform pressure should be applied; when the shaft and the bearing cooperate with each other, the bearing should be installed immediately after heating.
The anti-rust bearing of bearing products is a kind of fine mechanical parts. From the factory to the long-term circulation link, in order to prevent the bearing from rusting during transportation or storage time under various environmental conditions; it is necessary to carry out anti-rust treatment. National GB/TS597 standard rules. The anti-rust period of the bearing is half a year. Usually, the anti-rust period of the bearing is one year; the anti-rust period of the bushing with higher application requirements is two years. Because the various reasons are formed, the bearing cannot be prevented. Used during the rust period. When the rust prevention period of the bearing is reached; the original rust inhibitor should be removed.
The packaging of the bearing is because the bearing is a fine part; plus more flow links; the product is simply damaged by environmental conditions such as snow, dust, temperature, corrosive substances, etc. during these processes; Packaging needs to have multiple functions; such as shockproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion, pressure resistance, etc.
The bearing storage warehouse shall not leak rain; the bearing storage position shall be protected from direct sunlight; the indoor air shall be circulated; but there shall be no dust attack. The warehouse shall be provided with ventilation equipment and temperature conditioning equipment. The warehouse shall be boring; the relative temperature shall be controlled below 80%; The indoor temperature is controlled at about 25 degrees; and there should be no large temperature changes during the day and night. The temperature is too low; the rusting agent is simply crystallized and cracked; some metals are exposed to rust; the temperature is too high; the rusting agent is simply lost (transpiration) or蜕 昼 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Corrosive materials, chemical raw materials, and large water materials are stored in a warehouse. The storage of the bearings around the warehouse is not simple and harmful.
The transportation of the bushing is not properly eroded. The simplest part of the bearing is lost; such as fretting wear, rust, bumping, indentation, etc.; most loading and unloading can even cause the bearing to crack and directly fail. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the delivery. The quality of the delivery of the link; prevent the bushing from being subjected to unnecessary damage. The bearing should be placed horizontally when placed on the object; the pressure should not be applied to the outer diameter of the bearing; to prevent deformation of the bushing. The interval should be as close as possible; to reduce the impact and oscillation caused by the shaking during the transportation.
Bearings in the process of application, we carry out ordinary maintenance and overhaul; today we will take a look at the related information in this regard. First, the bearing removal of the bearing in the eradication and overhaul; the first step to do is to record the bearing Appearance and acknowledge the residual amount of lubricant; after sampling the remaining lubricant for inspection; we can start to remove the bearing. The cleaning agent of the bearing is mainly using ordinary gasoline or kerosene. The removal of the bearing can be divided into Rough cutting and fine washing; in the rough cutting, the container used for the bearing needs to be placed with metal mesh; so that the bearing will not touch the dirt inside the container again after the cutting. In the rough eradication, the brush can be used to remove the grease on the bearing. Adhesive; in the process should prevent the bearing from rotating with dirt; otherwise it will simply damage the rolling surface of the bearing. After the bearing is roughly cleaned by rough washing, it can enter the finishing process; the bearing is placed in the oil for cleaning and cleaning; Carefully remove the remaining dirt; pay attention to the hygiene of the oil in the process of fine washing.
Second, the bearing repair bearing should be specifically checked after cleaning and cleaning; determine the damage degree of the bearing, mechanical function and other operating conditions and whether it can be used continuously. The contents of the inspection mainly include the situation of rolling to the surface, rolling surface and cooperation surface. Adhere to the wear condition of the frame, the damage of the dimensional accuracy of the bearing, the clearance of the bearing, etc. After the bearing presents some specific defects, it can be judged that it cannot be used continuously; it is necessary to replace the new bearing. These conditions include: inside the bearing There are significant creeps on the ring and outer ring. The bearing is overheated and discolored. The inner ring, outer ring, roll body and the support frame of the bearing have cracks, notches and cracks, and the bearing rolls to the surface, the ribs and the roll. There are card injuries, rust, indentations and marks on the body.

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