What are the marble maintenance tips


When decorating a house, we often use a variety of materials. Marble is a well-known material with a relatively high usage rate. At the same time, the gloss is also very bright, and the overall appearance is very atmospheric. , And its unique pattern and texture leave a unique beauty in the home, but what many people do n’t know is that marble also needs cleaning and maintenance, so what are the marble maintenance skills? The following is with the editor Go check it out.

What are the marble maintenance skills

1. Some things will inevitably appear after using for a long time. For example, if the marble is spent on the surface, how to deal with it? At this time, it is recommended to use a stone care machine to coat it evenly, and then grind it until it is bright. The dust is pushed clean, but care should be taken during care. Keep the rag clean. If there is too much powder, it will affect the effect.

2. Spray a small amount of crystal surface maintenance agent or hard crystal powder on clean or clean ground about twice a week, and add water to the hard crystal powder. The amount of water depends on the humidity. When the weather is dry, the amount of water should be more. If the work area is large, two stone care machines should be set as a group, one is responsible for distribution and grinding, and the other is responsible for polishing, the efficiency and effect are significantly improved, and then the dust is pushed to clean the ground powder.

3. Please pay attention to the maintenance. If you find that there is some unevenness and some black shadows are left, it is recommended to grind a little more. Of course at the beginning of the construction, if the scouring pad is very dry, it is recommended to add some crystal surface maintenance agent. Afterwards, it can be slightly reduced. In addition, on a smooth dark ground, the pad can be replaced with a steel wool pad. The effect is better, but it should be noted that the ground is not smooth, or the steel wool pad stains will make the ground black.

How much is marble maintenance

Generally speaking, this kind of process will be analyzed according to different situations when quoting. First of all, it depends on the type, and secondly on the degree of damage. Usually the marble is maintained at about 30 yuan per square, and the crystallization treatment is about 60. Yuan per square or so, also depends on the marble area, generally less than 100 meters, the price is relatively high.

What to pay attention to in marble maintenance

1. Since these products are relatively easy to get dirty, a small amount of water should be used during cleaning. Wipe regularly with a cloth moistened with a mild detergent, and then dry and polish with a clean soft cloth to restore it to gloss, or use The liquid scrubbing agent is carefully wiped, and lemon juice or vinegar can also be used to clean the stain, but the lemon stays on it for no more than 2 minutes, and the operation can be repeated if necessary, then washed and dried.

2. This type of product is very fragile, so pay attention to it during maintenance, do not hit it against hard objects, and also avoid heavy objects such as ironware hitting the stone surface during normal use, so as to avoid the appearance of pits and affect the appearance. When pasting the marble floor, after using it for a period of time, the individual pore defects that may remain on the brick surface will become dirty and black. At this time, you can clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and then fill it with tree wax or hard wax.

Summary: Well, the above is about what the marble maintenance skills are. I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future marble maintenance process, friends will be more handy and create their own satisfactory results.

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