What are the formulas and advantages of diatom mud?


Before understanding the formula of diatom mud , we first understand the knowledge of diatom mud. Diatom mud is a new type of wall surface decoration material, unlike ordinary paint, because the diatom mud itself has a decorative effect and can be used as a TV background wall and a sofa background wall, and can be decorated on a single side of a wall or a part. However, what is the formulation of diatom mud is undoubtedly one of the topics most concerned by consumers. At the moment, there are many disputes about the formula of diatom mud , and it is difficult for ordinary owners outside the industry to sort out.

Diatom mud formulation - diatomaceous earth

Not only can it be decorated, it can also play a role in insulation and heat insulation. Diatom mud has the effect of purifying air, moisture absorption, moisture proof, antibacterial and mildewproof, fire retardant, and negative ion release.

Diatom mud formulation - cementitious material

1, because the diatom mud to be painted on the wall, you need to bond, which requires cementitious materials.

2, many manufacturers said that "no glue on the wall." Because ancient people also use mud.

3, the diatom mud formula need to add cementitious materials, mainly the proportion of the problem!

Diatom mud formula - color

Using inorganic mineral pigments, the color is soft and rich, and the texture is good.

Diatom mud formulation - other materials

Composite photocatalytic powder TiO2, rare earth elements, tourmaline and other inorganic mineral raw materials.


The advantages of diatom mud

Diatom mud advantages - protect eyesight

Soft colors, eye protection, reduce children's myopia.

Diatom mud advantages - reduce noise

The effect is equivalent to more than twice the thickness of cement mortar and slate, which can shorten the residual noise by 50% and play diffuse reflection on the sound.

Advantages of diatom mud - adsorption of formaldehyde

It can absorb and decompose the free harmful substances emitted from the floor and furniture after decoration.

The advantages of diatom mud - purification gas field

Respiratory humidity control is the basic function of diatom mud, so people call diatom mud “the breathable wall.

The advantages of diatom mud - flame-retardant and heat-resistant

The diatom mud wall material is resistant to the high temperature of 1300 degrees. It will never burn in the event of a fire and will not contain any toxic fumes.

Diatom mud advantages - adsorption noise

The surface has numerous microscopic pores that are invisible to the naked eye, regularly and neatly arranged in circles and needles, which can effectively absorb the electromagnetic radiation generated by the television.


Diatom mud buying skills

1. The diatom mud is rough

The raw material of diatom mud is diatomite, and auxiliary materials need to be added during the production process. Such as rough materials. With coarse material, it will be rough after construction, and with fine material, the wall surface will be fine and smooth. Different effects can be made according to the needs of customers.

2. The diatom mud that looks beautiful is good

When choosing diatom mud, it is not good to think of a pretty model. We can't deny the decorative effect of diatom mud, but we must learn to identify the true and false diatom mud coating.

3. The lighter the diatom mud, the better the water absorption and the better the quality

The lighter the water absorption and quality of the diatom mud, the better. This is not the case. If lime is added during the production process, it will also have good water absorption, but it is easy to discolor, fall off, and efflorescence after construction.

When we choose decoration materials, we must pay attention to product prices. quality. To ensure the quality of diatom mud, away from harmful substances, to create a healthy, environmentally friendly indoor living environment.

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Diatom mud formulation

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