Smart home bottleneck, don't panic, the industry is on the rise


Why are smart home products not popular?
From the APP control of mobile phones to the interactive and intelligent products based on big data and artificial intelligence, smart home has been developed for 20 years, but it still has not achieved good popularity. What is the reason?
First of all, the high price of the product makes the user discouraged. According to a product manager analysis, due to market strategy reasons, the first stage of smart home appliances is listed on the high-end models, and will be reflected in the terminal and low-end products in the future, so the current price is more expensive. However, the domestic smart home market is not yet mature, and the market consumption concept is still lacking. It is impossible to digest the functional improvement brought about by this price in a short period of time, and there is a situation of acclimatization.
In addition, the construction costs of smart homes are not cheap. In the construction process of smart homes, a series of integrated wiring, complex system setup and installation and commissioning are required, which also costs more labor costs, and must be fully intelligently designed by professional smart home design companies and engineers. With the installation and commissioning, therefore, the smart home gives people a feeling of being even more difficult.
Second, industry standards have not been established. In the intelligent ecosystem, many industrial chains will be involved, and the unstandardized standards will become the biggest incentive for the industry to be interconnected. In terms of the establishment of standards, more companies are still aiming at the competition of users, and therefore, the enthusiasm of enterprises to promote the establishment of industry standards. A true smart home must be the protocol and standard of all hardware, and the data of each device is fused together, so that the devices can be automatically docked.
Third, the smart features are mostly gimmicks. Many smart home products that have entered the market have added fancy and complicated functions. The original intention is not to take into account the daily needs of consumers, but also to create a “beautiful coat” for manufacturers to stimulate consumption. This is actually an act of neglecting product quality and blindly expanding market share, which has greatly hindered the healthy development of smart homes, reduced the credibility of smart home manufacturers, and also brought negative impacts to the smart home market. .
Big data may solve the problem of poor user experience. Data will play a more important role in improving the experience. Data can help merchants better understand the consumer's usage habits and improve the experience.
Policy support, the industry is in a stage of perfection
In his government work report in March this year, Premier Li Keqiang stressed the need to implement "Made in China 2025", adhere to innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen foundation, green development, and accelerate the transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. The report also pointed out that emerging industries and emerging businesses are competitive highlands, and proposed to develop an "Internet" action plan to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and modern manufacturing. Through the support of intelligent transformation, big data and the Internet of Things, smart home will inevitably achieve greater development.
Therefore, under the support of national policies, the popularity of smart homes will be inevitable. Regardless of the price, smart homes will be loved and used by more consumers, supported by the state, the increase in people's income levels, and the integration of products, installation, commissioning, solutions and services by intelligent companies like Zhizhi Smart. Smart homes will also sweep the world.

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