Winter pea field management technology upgrade


Field management techniques for winter sowing peas:

Usually planted in the middle and late October, the amount of seed per acre is 5-7.5 kg. The high stalk variety and the seedling variety are properly densely planted. The vegetables are high-stalked soft-pea peas and high-stalked sweet peas. After emergence, the seedlings are filled in time to fill the gaps, and the cultivating and weeding 1-2 times. Pay attention to the topdressing of seedlings, especially those that do not apply or apply less base fertilizer. Generally, apply 5-7.5 kg of compound fertilizer per acre or 5 kg of urea or 1000 kg of manure and manure, and spray the fruit and vegetables in a timely manner. Lipid film, heat preservation and moisturizing inhibit the spread of virus and improve fertilizer efficiency. When the high stalk variety rises in the spring and the plant begins to elongate, the small bamboo or branching branches (to the leaves) are inserted between the rows so that the bean plants can grow. Peas are not resistant to water stains, and attention should be paid to clearing ditch drainage in spring. When flowering and pod-forming, it requires more nutrients, applying 7.5 kg of urea per mu, and 5 kg of ternary compound fertilizer. Spraying the vegetable fruit and the new high-fat membrane, keeping warm and moisturizing inhibits the spread of the virus and enhances the fertilizer efficiency. Spray 1% urea + 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate + vegetable fruit Zyoting twice in the blast stage.

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