One-piece shower room how to choose the shower room


Nowadays people are pursuing a high quality of life. For example, many people like to wear a shower room at home. There are many types of it. Have you ever heard of oneness? This one-piece type is very popular in recent years, and its function is more than ordinary shower room, like smart operation, automatic massage and so on. Today, we work together to understand the next one shower room and how to buy shower method it!

How about one-piece shower room

Because it is one-piece, it is more expensive in terms of price, and the high-end products are generally worth 10,000 yuan. But its function is many, for example it contains ventilating fan, light, ozone function, bath, massage, sauna and so on. It can also be cleaned automatically, is very convenient, and its specifications will be larger than the average shower room.

How to choose shower room 1

First of all, we can look at the shape, it has a square, fan-shaped, round and diamond type, which you can choose according to their own space and layout of the appropriate style. Generally speaking, the specification is 900*900mm. There is still a point where you have to choose according to the direction of the bathroom and lifestyle.

How to buy shower room 2

Then we need to understand its material, like the chassis will generally choose acrylic and diamond. A large part of it is made of glass. In general, we will choose high-quality tempered glass. This glass has the characteristics of transparency, sturdiness, durability, etc. It can be seen whether there is a 3C mark on the identification. And this piece of glass is a whole piece, not a piece of east and west.

How to buy shower room 3

Then we can look at its hardware materials. When purchasing, we can use the hand to pull the door to see if the door is flexible and convenient when the switch, when the frames are combined with stainless steel screws. Because the quality of the hardware is directly related to the service life of the shower room.

Xiao Bian's words: In the installation sequence, it should be the first step in the entire bathroom space, because of its large size, if the post-installation, then prone to the problem of insufficient space. If you live with the elderly and children, when using the one-piece shower room, be sure to guide them in how to use them. Do not blindly and freely use them. This is easy to have hidden dangers. The above is the description of Xiaobian's introduction to the integrated shower room and the shower room. I hope I can help you.

One-piece shower room

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