How should companies look at campus security needs?


How should companies look at campus security needs?

Introduction: Campus security upgrades, how companies should respond to campus security needs, with the rapid development of security technology in recent years, some schools existing security system performance levels have lagged far behind the current level of security technology, and campus security issues It has attracted the attention of the country and is also the focus of social concern.

The security of the campus has become urgent. In recent years, the occurrence of multiple university girls’ loss of association has forced people to pay attention to the safety of the campus. According to investigations, the high rate of theft on campus is even higher than in some districts. Most universities and colleges do not have adequate monitoring equipment. Even some colleges and universities are in a state of no monitoring at all. Under the influence of university expansion, the rise of university towns, and the systematic upgrading of the system, the education sector has invested in the nationwide campus safety construction. obviously increase. Schools should upgrade the system or re-establish a new security system based on the existing security system to improve the operational efficiency of the security system, achieve the auxiliary monitoring and management, reduce the labor intensity of the personnel on duty, and prevent or reduce human errors and errors. To achieve the goal of improving efficiency in science and technology and safety in science and technology, in order to meet the requirements for campus security in the new era.

Security companies from the equipment vendors to the solution provider in the process, face varying degrees of challenges, some hardware products have solid technical capabilities, but lack of software platform operations experience; some can provide independent software, but the lack of integrated systems and equipment The ability to control; some with system integration capabilities, but can not be the only one in the smart city such a big project ... ... When the market environment has undergone such a huge change, then companies how to deal with this new trend of security industry development?

The first and foremost is of course innovation, innovation is the soul of the company's growth, and innovation is the source of the development of the industry. The security industry must achieve innovation by leaps and bounds as a strategic approach. In fact, innovation can happen in all aspects of the company's production and operation, including product innovation, service innovation, marketing model innovation, business philosophy innovation. Under the policy of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation," the "Internet" is a platform for enterprises, and innovation has become an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development.

Secondly, technological reforms. In terms of product technology advancement, our security companies are slowly improving their capabilities in core technologies, taking chip design and manufacturing capabilities as examples, such as Huawei's image compression processing chip.

The security market is constantly changing. In this era of great integration, the security industry is no longer the traditional security industry. In the industry, security companies have expanded their business in other areas across borders. Companies outside the industry have also been involved in security. The security industry is constantly expanding and industry integration is a trend. To cater to this trend, companies must constantly innovate technologies based on market demand and provide solutions for more industries.

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