[Hardware Lock] Is your electric car lock strong? Xiaobian said to you


I bought an electric car and I am still worried about its safety issues. The easiest way is to buy a lock and lock the car firmly. But what kind of car locks of various brands are good?

first round

The first one: ordinary U-shaped lock, price 12

Because it is the most common one-word key, only 27 seconds is opened by technical unlocking. The hydraulic tongs were used to violently unlock, and the lock was broken without much effort, which took only 25 seconds.

Second: bold U-lock

The lock hole of this lock is spiral. It is difficult to open it without special tools. The shackle failed to open for two minutes, but it was violently opened by the hammer in only 22 seconds.

Third: wire lock

Fine 5 pieces, thick 12 pieces. The fine technique unlocked for 19 seconds, and the hoe was opened in 10 seconds. The thick one is the core of the cross, the technology is unlocked for 47 seconds, and the hoe is only used for 20 seconds.

Second pass

Faucet lock

It only takes 56 seconds to open the faucet lock.

Third pass

Motor lock

It took more than 5 minutes to open the motor lock. The motor lock is also called a magnetic code lock. There is a set of magnetic codes in the key and lock. The code for each lock is different, so there is no professional tool to open it. But through the violent method, the motor lock can still be cracked.

Fourth level


Some brands have a GPS signal transmitter in a very concealed location of the vehicle, with its own independent power supply, even if the car is turned off, it can still track the vehicle position. But does not rule out the possibility of an experienced thief to remove the GPS.

It seems that it is difficult to completely rely on the lock to realize the anti-theft of the electric vehicle. Therefore, when you save the car, there must be a regular parking place to prevent the electric vehicle from being lost.

Editor in charge: Liu Changqi

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