What is the difference between the use of pesticide emulsion water emulsion microemulsion?


Pesticide EC: Liquid preparation. The water-insoluble pesticide original drug (active ingredient) is dissolved in an organic solvent, such as benzene, alcohol, ester, ketone and other solvents, and the emulsifier is added and stirred uniformly to obtain a finished product, and the appearance is a uniform transparent liquid. Storage for two years without stratification, no precipitation. The cream is diluted in water and white or milky white. It can be used after mixing with water. In the diluted solution, the emulsion particles have a diameter of several tens of micrometers.
Pesticide water emulsion: liquid preparation. Dissolving the water-insoluble pesticide raw material in an organic solvent, adding an emulsifier, a thickener, a stabilizer, a pH adjuster, water, and stirring at a high speed (generally using a high shear emulsifier) ​​to make the active ingredient of the pesticide The tiny oily beads are evenly distributed in water and are a typical oil-in-water (O/W) mixture. Water emulsions are thermodynamically unstable systems, in which the oil phase has a tendency to spontaneously aggregate. Therefore, water emulsion products often have emulsion breaking, delamination, precipitation, etc., resulting in unqualified and losing commodity value. The appearance of water emulsion products is generally white or milky white. When used, it is diluted with water. After dilution, the emulsion is colorless, and the diameter of the emulsion particles is generally from several micrometers to several tens of micrometers.
Pesticide microemulsion: liquid preparation. The water-insoluble pesticide raw drug is dissolved in an organic solvent, and an emulsifier, a co-solvent or the like is added, and the mixture is thoroughly mixed with water under stirring to form a uniform transparent solution. The microemulsion is a thermodynamic metastable system in which the oil phase has a very small particle size distribution in water, and the particle size distribution range is mainly between 0.01 micrometers and 0.1 micrometers. Qualified products are stored at room temperature for two years without delamination, crystallization, or precipitation. When used, the diluted solution was colorless. The effective adult wind has a very small particle size in water.
Generally speaking, macroscopically, qualified pesticide emulsifiable concentrates, microemulsions, and aqueous emulsions have the same difference in drug efficacy if they have the same content and the same dilution ratio at the time of use. From the microscopic point of view, because the active ingredient particles in the microemulsion are the smallest in water, and the content of the emulsifier is much higher than that of the water emulsion and the emulsifiable concentrate, the efficacy is generally better; the emulsifiable concentrate contains a large amount of organic solvent, and the active ingredient is often Synergies, the effect is second. The content of solvent and emulsifier in the water emulsion is very low, and the use effect is equivalent to that of emulsifiable concentrate.
The emulsifiable concentrate contains a large amount of organic solvent, which tends to aggravate the medicinal damage of the young flower and fruit; the microemulsion and the water emulsion contain a large amount of water, and the phytotoxicity to the plant is often lighter than that of the same active ingredient. Therefore, microemulsions, water emulsions, and emulsifiable concentrates have their own strengths, and attention should be paid during use.
Dairy oil, because it contains a lot of organic solvents, pollutes the environment, and now China restricts the registration of emulsifiable concentrates.
Microemulsion, water as the main solvent, is more environmentally friendly than emulsifiable concentrate; however, it is still controversial whether a larger amount of surfactant is needed and whether it is an environmentally friendly pesticide preparation.
Water emulsions, which are used in formulations with less organic solvents and surfactants than emulsifiable concentrates and microemulsions, are therefore known as environmentally friendly pesticide formulations.
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