Prickly pear care method


How to raise the technical points of the prickly pear: the immortality is warm, afraid of severe cold, the room temperature below 2 degrees will be frozen and died, and the winter should be moved indoors.

If the temperature in your area is not particularly low, it is recommended to stay indoors and shelter from the sun and sunshine, in order to receive more sunlight in the autumn, which is good for wintering and growing in the coming year. How much water is poured is mainly determined by many factors such as temperature, light time, wind power, etc. If the temperature is low, the prickly pear grows slowly and consumes less water, so the watering should be controlled. If the temperature is not too low, the light is sufficient, and the ventilation is good, it should still be watered normally.

In the winter when the prickly pear is in a dormant period, it is necessary to control the watering to keep the basin soil from drying out. The lower the temperature, the more the basin soil should be kept dry. Adult balls are more drought tolerant than small balls.

Prickly pears are generally cultivated for 3-4 years, and should be able to bloom when the ball diameter reaches 3-4 cm. To make the prickly pear bloom, you should pay attention to the following points:

First, the sun: The prickly pear requires plenty of sunshine. If the prickly pear is placed indoors for a long time, it will not bloom if it lacks sunlight.

Second, the temperature: Prickly pear to warmer environmental conditions, if the ambient temperature does not reach 20 degrees or more, it can not open flowers.

Third, watering: Do not water more, hurriedly make the basin soil too wet, but should be dry and not wet. Especially in the winter and summer dormancy period, it should be more water-saving.

Fourth, the fertilization of the immortal ball is resistant to thinness and drought, and it is not easy to flower in the case of drought and lack of fertilizer. Therefore, appropriate water and fertilizer should be given during cultivation, and thin and decomposed cake fertilizer should be applied every 10 days to half a month during the growing season. Fertilization should not be excessive, and excessive can cause no flowering.

V. Small environment: Pay attention to create a moderate temperature and high humidity local environment for the prickly pear. For example, use a plastic film to make a closed shed on the window sill, and place the prickly pear in it for maintenance. It not only grows fast, but also has bright color and is easy to grow. flowering.

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