How to maintain the stone products so that their color is bright and long-lasting


Stones with natural and beautiful patterns and colors are more unique than other decorative products. However, how to make your stone last forever? The cleaning and maintenance of stone is indispensable. First, it must be clean and clean to prevent sand and hard objects from wearing the surface of the stone. Second, keep it ventilated and dry. Third, it must be immediately removed by pollution. It is necessary to carry out regular protective treatment, usually once every 1-3 years; five should pay attention to the choice of protective agent to keep the stone's breathability, water resistance and anti-fouling.

Dou Xueqiang, an engineer at the Bohai Building Materials Center, reminds consumers to do “three incomprehensible”, not to wax at will, to form wax scale to make the surface yellow; not to use non-neutral detergent, acid and alkali will make the surface of the stone shine Lost; the stone can not always accumulate debris and cover the carpet.  

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