What is a flange? Analysis of specific uses


Flanges are disc-shaped parts that are most common in plumbing and flanges are used in pairs. The flange is simply used to connect the bolts in the middle of the joints. In the pipeline engineering, the flanges are mainly used for the connection of pipes.

In the pipelines that need to be connected, a variety of flanges are installed, and the low-pressure pipelines can use wire-bonded flanges, and the welding flanges are used at pressures above 4 kg. A sealing point is added between the two flanges and then fastened with bolts. Different pressure flanges have different thicknesses and use different bolts. Pumps and valves, when connected to the pipeline, part of these equipment, also made into the corresponding flange shape, also known as flange connection.

Connection parts that are closed at the same time by bolting on both planes are generally referred to as "flanges". For example, the connection of ventilation ducts may be referred to as "flange parts". However, this connection is only a part of the equipment, such as the connection between the flange and the water pump, it is not good to call the pump "flange parts". Smaller such as valves, etc., can be called "flange parts".

Masks can help us block viruses. Masks are a kind of sanitary products. Generally, they are used to filter the air entering the mouth and nose to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and leaving the wearer's nose and mouth. Made of gauze or paper. Masks have a certain filtering effect on the air entering the lungs. When respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, and when working in dust and other polluted environments, wearing masks has a very good effect. Masks can be divided into air filtering masks and air supply masks.
N series: no time limit for protection of non-oily suspended particles
R series: Protection against non-oily suspended particles and sweat-oily suspended particles for eight hours
P series: protect non-oily suspended particles and sweat-oily suspended particles without time limit

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