How to Install Vertical Venetian Blinds for Vertical Venetian Blinds and Precautions


The diversification of blinds has different advantages and disadvantages for each product. Choosing a suitable blind is also very important. Today, I will introduce you to the related knowledge of vertical blinds . So, what is vertical blinds? The most common blinds are horizontal, most of which are used for office work. Many curtains made of horizontal strips are suitable for the size of the windows and will not be dragged onto the ground like many decorative fabric curtains. This kind of curtain has good shading and concealment. If you like the simple style of the family can also install this curtain. The blinding effect of the shutters is very good, and it also protects privacy very well. So more and more people are beginning to make blinds. So let me introduce you to vertical blinds .

Vertical blinds

It is a simple shelter, economical, and mostly white, wild, universal family will be installed, named because of the leaves hanging on the track, to achieve the purpose of shading, generous, bright lines.

According to the material: PVC vertical curtain, aluminum alloy vertical curtain, bamboo vertical curtain.

According to the mode of operation: manual vertical curtain, electric vertical curtain.

According to the appearance of points: straight vertical screen, curved rail vertical screen.

Vertical blinds brand recommendation

Vertical Blinds Brand Recommendations 1. Netherlands Hunter Group

Top ten brands of electric curtains, multinational companies with complete varieties, large scale and leading sales. Multinational companies specializing in production and sales are the main producers of construction products. There are 162 subsidiaries, including 67 production plants and 95 marketing agencies in more than 100 countries. More than 20,000 employees, annual sales of 3 billion US dollars.

Vertical blinds brand recommendation 2. Jilin Sengong Yunlong Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

The top ten brands of blinds and large-scale joint-stock companies are among the world's largest in size and strength. The main products are: wood blinds, bamboo woven curtains, ventilation windows and other products.

Vertical Venetian Blind Brand Recommendation 3. Dehua Bunny Decoration New Material Co., Ltd.

The top ten brand of sheet metal, Zhejiang famous brand, listed company, the industry's largest production and marketing company.

Vertical blinds brand recommendation 4. Linjiang Baojian Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

The top ten brands of blinds have obtained a number of patented technologies. The world’s largest production base is located in the Changbai Mountain West, with abundant timber resources and convenient transportation. Main environmentally-friendly wooden blinds, high-density printing floor products.

Vertical blinds brand recommendation 5. Yifeng (Dongguan) Curtain Co., Ltd.

The top ten brands of blinds, founded in 1974, listed companies in Taiwan, leading manufacturers and leading manufacturers.

Vertical blinds brand recommendation 6. Hangzhou Shidian Shading Technology Co., Ltd.

Produce high-quality products, such as: various manual, intelligent roller blinds, soft gauze curtains, Roman blinds and other products, is the Chinese line brand.

Vertical blinds brand recommendation 7. Xinyang Xinyuan Curtain Products Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1993, Jiangsu Province, a brand-name product, the most influential companies, and a number of supermarkets to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

Vertical blinds brand recommendation 8. Shijiazhuang Dongdongjia Household Products Co., Ltd.

Top ten blind shutter brands, domestic leading furniture companies, key recommendation brands, and R&D, design, and after-sales services in one large company.

Vertical blinds purchase tips

1, smell odor. If pungent odor is emitted, formaldehyde may remain. It is recommended not to purchase it.

2, pick suits. When colors are selected, light colors are preferred, and the risk of excessive formaldehyde is low.

3, the use of 89mm blade, the surface gloss, easy to clean, shortcomings: weight, opening and closing noise.

4, made of waterproof technology wood, hard texture, now rarely seen.

Vertical blinds with knowledge

1, choose curtains need to know color, such as: yellow, bring a sense of gentle and quiet, green, festive, bright.

2, color, texture and furniture, living room style, wall ground coordination, form a unified, harmonious beauty.

3, North-facing units, it is recommended to choose cool colors, bringing a sense of elegant atmosphere; Chaoyang units, it is recommended to choose red or yellow, bright light into soft light.

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Vertical blinds

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