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Curtains are an essential part of our modern family life. Choosing a quality electric curtain is also necessary for our family life. So, how about the electric window? How is the electric curtain ? How to choose the electric curtain? The electric curtain has the advantages of smart simplicity, beautiful appearance, simple installation, and easy use. In fact, the benefits are the same as those of ordinary curtains. Over-blocking light is used to achieve effective and reasonable use of light to make the room brighter and darker and expand the sense of space in the room. Today, I will give you a brief introduction of electric curtains , so that everyone can understand the brand of electric curtains.

Electric curtain advantages

1, smart and simple. The integration of the controller + motor, can automatically adjust the opening and closing position, automatically stop in place, simple and luxurious.

2, long life. The use of precision transmission technology has improved the service life and set a record of 300,000 zero failures.

3, beautiful appearance. Beautiful appearance, with no fading characteristics; with titanium gold, pearl white and other colors, noble artistic position.

4, full-featured. Electric remote control, manual operation, group control and other functions.

5, super quiet. Super silent, powerful power and so on.

6, wireless remote control is more sensitive. Remote control distance of 40 meters, any direction to receive, use arbitrary.

7, power failure manually. Using advanced technology, it can also be used during power outages.

8, easy to install, easy to use. For non-professionals, plug in the power supply.

9, super quality, five-year warranty. Strict parts screening, quality assurance; quality problems within five years, free maintenance, life-long maintenance.

Which electric curtain is good

Which is good for electric curtains?

Founded in 1997, it focuses on the production and sales of products. Is a leader in the domestic industry, has four major marketing centers, and achieved national development.

Which is good electric curtains - Hunter Window Decoration

Since Germany, it has been adhering to rigorous and exquisite workmanship. Product quality can be regarded as the top international level. Founded nearly a century ago, it is one of the largest companies in the world with the largest product line.

Which is good for electric curtains?

Shanghai's famous high-tech enterprises, founded in 1990, mainly focus on intelligent shade products. Different from well-known old brands, take a day of intelligent road.

Which electric curtain is good - Qingying

With 17 years of rich experience, it is an earlier domestic manufacturer, has a strong manufacturing base, business all over the country, has three directly-affiliated branches, production bases and research and development centers.

Electric curtains which is good - Yalit

Founded in 1990, it is a well-known enterprise that was engaged earlier in China and its performance has spread all over the country. Total assets of 20 million yuan, annual sales of 30 million yuan.

Which is good electric curtains - Rui Lang

Ten brands of electric curtains, Kaishan brand in smart industry, best-selling brand in China, Tianjin high-tech enterprise, and best smart company.

Which electric curtain is good - Tenova

Founded in 1979, as of now, there are 16 production sites, 1,600 employees, and annual sales exceeding 300 million euros. After 30 years of development, it has a number of patents and rich experience.

Which electric curtain is good - Fiat

A professional company dedicated to electric roller blinds. Beijing has a production base, established agents in major cities, and has marketing all over the country, with a leading position in competitiveness.

Which is good electric curtains - intelligence source

Dedicated to high-end window decoration for decades. The company owns 100% property rights, has a world-class construction team and is widely used in apartments, commercial and administrative buildings.

How to choose electric curtain

1, select the motor

Good electric curtains need to see the right motor. The main motors are: DC and AC.

DC motor: safe and reliable, low noise, low-carbon products. Such as: France's Shang Fei, domestic POLITE and so on.

AC motor: low cost, high power, special market: 6N, 15N, 50N and other models.

Under normal circumstances, the motor can be used within 30N. The more common is the AC motor.

2, choose the right fabric

The outdoor scenery is beautiful and it needs good lighting. Sunshine fabric is the best choice. Outdoor light is too strong, need to choose a good shading, to achieve shading effect.

3, see accessories

If you want a good organization and high precision, you need to choose high-quality accessories. For example: Electric Roman shades. It is recommended to choose a ribcorder, which does not affect the appearance; after the sun and rain, it is easy to deform, embrittlement and fracture.

4, see the production process

The production process, affecting the practicality and beauty of the product, must not be underestimated. For example: track processing, fabric cutting, blade cutting and so on.

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Which electric curtain is good

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