How is the bathroom shower curtain correct?


As the prices of homes are getting higher and higher, many people buy a house that is not very large. Therefore, it is very important to arrange space properly when dressing. The bathroom, as a small space in the home, is most convenient for daily life. Choose to put shower curtains in the bathroom, it can not only be hand-drawn, it is convenient, but it will not affect the size of the bathroom space, but there are some people in doubt, then the bathroom with shower curtains please ? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to help you.

Do you have a shower curtain in the bathroom

1, this type of product as a bathroom in the shade cloth, can not only prevent the splash of splashing water, but also can play a decorative effect, so that the shower curtain is an essential item in the design of small-sized bathroom, and in the life of everyone Commonly used is a polyester-cotton blended fabric, this texture is delicate, soft color, not only easy to wash, dry faster, but also has a good breathability and waterproof performance.

2. Although there are many benefits for polyester-cotton shower curtains, there are still some details to be taken into account when using them, such as air above the curtains and tubs. According to research conducted by relevant sources, there are 1 billion cubic meters of soap foam on the shower curtain. Bacteria, although harmless to normal human health, have an impact on people whose immune systems have been damaged.

What bathroom shower curtain use

Compared to traditional shower curtains, it is mainly used for concealment. It can avoid splashing or splashing when bathing. In addition, placing shower curtains can also protect other bathroom equipment, eliminating unnecessary cleaning. Since its development, many bathroom shower curtains can be used to decorate stains due to their beautiful appearance, making the bathroom less monotonous.

Bathroom shower curtain cleaning and maintenance tips

The impression of the bathroom is mostly damp, yin and heavy, and it is particularly easy to nourish bacteria. Usually, these germs will adhere to the shower curtain. Therefore, it is important to keep the shower curtain clean and clean. Of course, the material must be clean during cleaning. For example, fabrics can be washed by hand or machine, and for some plastic shower curtains, they must be scrubbed with vinegar.

Bathroom shower curtain purchase points

As the curtain industry's prospects are getting better and better, there are a variety of patterns and textures on the market. In particular, some styles are beautiful and they cannot help but want to store them all home. However, when buying, pay attention to whether there are The water barrier, as well as the hanging method of the shower curtain, of course, the length of the shower curtain is also a part that can not be ignored, and finally the selection of the color pattern according to their own preferences.

Concluding Remark: Above is the introduction of bathroom shower curtains , I believe that most homeowners have a better understanding of bathroom shower curtains , of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small Editing.

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   Product production standards ISO9001: 2000, ISO10243, etc.

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