Yuan Longping talks about the fourth phase of super hybrid rice: a yield of 700 kilograms per mu


"My dream will soon be realized and I am confident that the fourth phase of the super hybrid rice research target will be achieved within three years." Recently, academician Yuan Longping disclosed this in a brief interview with the delegation of the "Climate Change in China" mission. A message.

On April 9, the Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu and Yuan Longping, at the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center Hainan Nanfan Base, jointly announced the launch of the fourth phase of the super hybrid rice research project, striving to produce 1000 kg per mu in 5-8 years. Above-mentioned yield potential of new super hybrid rice varieties.

In Yuan Longping’s view, rice should be produced in high yields and must be supported by four excellent conditions: first, good varieties and good varieties; second, good methods and better cultivation methods; third, good farmland and better foundation; fourth, good conditions and better climate and ecological environment.

This year, the fourth stage of super hybrid rice has five experimental sites in Hunan, and the other provinces have three experimental sites. “Three or four of these varieties will initially reach a yield of more than 900 kilograms per mu after Hainan's trial, then it may reach 1,000 kilograms per mu in Hunan.” Yuan Longping explained that Hainan is only 17 meters above sea level, and the temperature difference between day and night is small, and the growth period is only 130. Days; and Hunan has a 150-day growing period, and the temperature difference between day and night. Hunan has selected five counties such as Longhui and Zhangpu as the first batch of super-hybrid rice yielding 1,000 kilograms.

Yuan Longping told reporters that the first phase of the super hybrid rice demonstration field yielded 700 kilograms, and after the promotion, it reached 550 kilograms; the second phase of super hybrid rice yielded 800 kilograms per month, and the promotion reached 600 kilograms. Today, the goal of producing 900 kg per mu for the third phase of super hybrid rice is also achieved, which is 650 kg after promotion. "After the goal of the fourth phase of super hybrid rice is achieved, it is expected to reach 700 kilograms per mu after widespread promotion," Yuan Longping said. (Reporter Liu Yan)

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