New energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying equipment to help fruit farmers increase their income in Qinghai and other places


Recently, Henan Yicheng Drying Technology Co., Ltd. has absorbed the excellent experience of traditional tanning dry process on the basis of tunnel-type fruit and vegetable dryer, and combined with modern drying technology, it has developed a special energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, advanced and efficient concrete. Drying equipment and successful application in Qinghai and other places will help local farmers to increase their income.

It is understood that the shelf life of fresh fruit is extremely short, generally only 2-3 days. It is widely used in the main production areas of China. It is not only poorly sanitized, but also causes losses to fruit farmers per acre due to weather and other reasons. About 300 yuan or more, in the case of even cloudy rain per acre loss or even more than 1,000 yuan, greatly restricting the healthy development of the alfalfa planting industry.

Zhao An, general manager of Henan Yicheng Drying Technology Co., Ltd. introduced that the GSD80/X-3·1 type special tunnel drying room sold by the company this year is the third generation of this type of equipment. It is at the sea level of 3000 meters above sea level. The operation on the western plateau is also very smooth. Different from the traditional coal-fired drying room, the hot air production area and the drying production area are separated and managed, which is more environmentally friendly and hygienic, and has high automation, micro-negative pressure operation and small heat loss. Compared with ordinary coal-fired drying room, drying The strength is increased by more than 20%, the coal is saved by more than 35%, and the comprehensive drying cost is reduced by more than 40%. It is reported that Henan Yicheng Drying Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R&D, design and manufacturing of drying/drying equipment and agricultural product processing equipment for many years. It is a strategic partner of China Yituo and SINOMACH and its products are exported to Vietnam and Russia. , Jordan and other places, and established a solid school-enterprise cooperation relationship with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Henan University of Science and Technology, Southwest Agricultural University.

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