Leading the industry's wind direction, the top ten innovative models released


Gas appliances are household products that are inseparable from the lives of the people and have special requirements for safety. In order to promote the transformation and development of the industry, the whole society will show the innovation achievements and brand value of the gas appliance industry. On December 14, the 4th (2015) China Gas Appliance Top Ten Innovative Models and the 2015 China Gas Appliance Parts Top Ten Enterprises Press Conference was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, all key enterprises in the domestic and international gas appliance industry At the meeting, witness the release of authoritative innovations and brands in the industry.

It is reported that this product includes three categories: household gas fast water heaters, gas cookers and heating and heating dual-purpose gas water heaters (wall-hung boilers) (hereinafter referred to as wall-hung boilers), and the first time to identify the top ten parts enterprises. Innovative models include 19 models of 12 well-known companies such as Io Smith, Haier, Wanhe, Qianfeng, Wanjiale, Midea, Sakura, Fangtai, Schindler, Shenzhou, Boss, and Jinmeida. The top ten companies include 10 key enterprises in the parts and components industry, including Hesheng, Xintao, Budweiser, Huamei Junda, Tianxing Electric, Sanguo Precision, Qiaoheng, Yuxiang Environmental, Ningbo Ray and Jingding Electric.

Focus on technological innovation

"With the advent of the Internet+ era, with the diversification of consumer demand, the innovation of gas appliance products is gradually moving from production-oriented innovation to service-oriented innovation." Shi Lanlan, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, said that Under the premise of creating service-oriented manufacturing, the company's services are forwarded from the post-production stage, and the interaction with consumers is strengthened at the beginning of product design and R&D. The pain points of consumers are directly attacked, and practical problems are solved as the starting point for innovation. Stabilization, technological improvement, brand building and other means to meet the needs of consumers in practical, convenient and fashionable, and ultimately to upgrade the consumer experience.

This year's selection has given great attention to technological innovations such as energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence, in order to encourage enterprises to make efforts in improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, promoting the integration of the two industries, and improving the level of intelligence development.

The 12 brands selected for this product basically include the mainstream manufacturers in the current gas appliance market. The products have their own characteristics. What they have in common is that they all adhere to the relentless pursuit of innovation and technology, especially for the fourth consecutive year. The four brands of Wanjiale, Wanhe, Haier and Qianfeng are brand enterprises with strong technical strength and continuous investment in R&D and innovation.

In the selection of 8 gas-fired fast water heaters, 8 gas cookers and 3 wall-mounted boilers, energy conservation and environmental protection are still the biggest themes. Almost every product evaluated has improved in energy conservation and environmental protection, such as Haier. JSQ26-13CS (12T) model uses "honeycomb ceramic" as carrier, adheres to "platinum, palladium" main catalyst, "titanium, rare earth" as cocatalyst, so that the CO content in the flue gas is reduced to 10ppm, and the NO content is reduced to 0.012%. Fangtai's JZY/T-HC3BE.D gas cooker has improved the mixing of gas and primary air through the patented HC burner, which makes the combustion full, effectively reduces CO emissions and improves thermal efficiency; Wanhe's H1L02X cooker with multi-dimensional infrared radiation High-efficiency energy-saving technology, the efficiency is increased to 80%; Jinmeida JSQ23-12SA1 gas water heater uses optimized segmented combustion technology, high efficiency and energy saving; Schindler's JZ (YTR)-2·HG gas cooker, through HG-type high-efficiency swirling combustion system, The thermal efficiency is increased to more than 70%, low nitrogen emissions, complete air intake, and improved product cleanliness; Shenzhou LL1PBD20-LM10 gas heating furnace improves thermal efficiency through secondary heat exchange.

Enhancing the consumer experience is also the focus of innovation for this product. Wanjiale JSQ32-16QH3 gas water heater can provide 30~60L and 5~500L hot water through the coordinated control of water, gas and electricity, realizing a large amount of water supply and temperature regulation, making the water heater use more widely; Ao Smith The JSQ-LS(X) model gas water heater adopts the upper horizontal stepless inverter fan, adopts a streamlined structure to the air passage, which reduces the combustion noise to below 40dB; the forward JSQ-F10 provides five water modes to achieve a large amount of water supply. Temperature regulation makes the water heater more widely used.

In recent years, intelligence has also been a major direction in manufacturing R&D innovation. Many models in this selection have made fruitful attempts in intelligent transformation. The boss's 9G88 gas cooker realizes the automatic identification of the pot body by optimizing the structure of the burner. The gas flow is automatically adjusted under different conditions of pot and no pot. The beautiful JSQ30-16HQ gas water heater has the 12/14/16L three-speed ramp function. One multi-purpose, intelligent and changeable, one-button preheating, instant-on wash, start-up 0 cold water; Sakura's JSQ32-D (SCH-16E85A) gas water heater improves segmental combustion technology, avoiding sudden overheating of water temperature, through intelligence Technology that optimizes the ignition method.

A series of innovations represent the future development trend and direction of China's gas water heater industry.

Great development potential

Statistics show that from January to September 2015, the national gas appliance industry has completed a total export value of 3.556 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.25%. Among them: the higher cumulative export value is the parts category (gas cooker) and gas cooker, which are respectively 2.096 billion US dollars and 1.014 billion US dollars, the fastest growth year is the gas cooker and parts (gas cooker), respectively 111.56% And 12.70%. The negative growth occurred in the parts category (gas water heaters) and gas water heaters, which were -10.14% and -6.21%, respectively. From January to September 2015, the national gas appliance industry accumulated a total import value of 19,123,390 US dollars, an increase of -4.47%. Imports of gas appliances showed a year-on-year decline for four consecutive months, and the month-on-month decline in June was over 30%.

The decline in imports is a good sign that domestic brands of gas appliances are increasingly meeting the needs of the domestic high-end market, while the steady increase in exports reflects the fact that Chinese gas appliances meet the needs of domestic consumers. The more you come, the more favored by the international market.

The development of the gas appliance industry is very unique. After more than 30 years of development, it has created a number of domestic brands that can be evenly divided with international brands in the domestic high-end market, such as Wanjiale, Wanhe, Haier, Fangtai, and Boss. The industry, and even the entire manufacturing industry are rare. In the process of development, the gas appliance industry has been greatly improved in terms of product quality, technical level, comprehensive strength and social awareness. The industry itself is also in an unprecedented development environment. In recent years, a series of favorable launches such as the Sino-US Joint Statement on Climate Change, the Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan, the China-Russia Huge Natural Gas Supply Framework Agreement, the domestic new town construction, and the western redevelopment strategy have further deepened China's huge market. It has brought new opportunities to the sustainable and healthy development of the gas appliance industry.

The energy-saving characteristics of gas appliances have determined that the promotion of gas appliances in the market and the improvement of consumers' awareness of the products are a great tool for improving the atmospheric environment and getting rid of smog. According to experts in the gas industry, gas appliances are clean energy. The electricity used by electric water heaters is secondary energy. From coal to electricity, electricity is converted into hot water, and a large amount of energy is wasted. If the calculation starts from coal mining, the thermal efficiency of the electric water heater is only about 10% in the whole process, which is far lower than that of gas products. At the same time, the use of gas appliances is also beneficial to reduce PM2.5.

It is understood that the current use of gas appliances has become the consensus of many developed countries, and Japan, which is adjacent to China, continues to promote the small and efficient development of civilian gas appliances. At the same time, the government purchases gas appliances for consumers, and encourages them in the form of direct subsidies from the state treasury. The amount of subsidies is 10% to 15%. This has greatly enhanced the enthusiasm of Japanese companies in research and development, production and promotion of gas water heater products.

Liu Runfeng, full-time vice chairman of the China National Hardware Association, said that hundreds of millions of families in China advocated the use of gas appliances to have great social significance for improving the environment. However, at present, gas appliances account for only 60% of the proportion of household consumption of major consumer goods, and their true value is seriously underestimated, and there is still much room for expansion. Therefore, the industry should vigorously develop energy-efficient technologies, promote green manufacturing technologies, and make greater contributions to reducing PM2.5.

Establish industry wind vane

The selection of the top ten innovative models of China's gas appliances was sponsored by the industry's authoritative departments. The enterprises participated voluntarily. The materials reviewed were evaluated by the industry experts' initial evaluation and re-evaluation according to the current national standards. The results were open, fair and just. A social test. The number of participating companies and products selected in this year is higher than previous years. The authority, professionalism and influence of the selection have also been highly recognized inside and outside the industry. Some participating companies said that the emphasis and excavation of technology and innovation in the top ten innovative model selection activities is the core of development that manufacturing enterprises are most valued, and their connotations are highly recognized and optimistic by the industry. With the successive development of the selection, the top ten innovative models have become the vane to measure the innovation of gas appliance manufacturing enterprises, and are the professional authority awards that enterprises must participate in.

In this selection, in view of the fact that the wall-hung boiler products are gradually being concerned by the domestic market, the relevant high-end communities and villas are increasingly adopting this product. This selection has been added to this selection, and the product is selected through the selection of innovative products. The technical direction, guide innovation, while improving the exposure of the fireplace in the domestic market, and enhance market acceptance and market consumption.

The selection of the top ten gas appliance parts is also the first in the industry. The top ten selections are also based on the consideration of consumers. In the industry, the selection of the best, select 10 companies with excellent quality and brand name, to provide consumers with choice basis.

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