360 joined the smart locks in the rivers and lakes, can it be successful this time?


On July 26th, “360 Smart Home 2017 New Product Launch Conference” was held in Beijing 798. At the press conference, 360 high-profile release of 360 security routing 2 full Gigabit, 360 security night light set, 360 security door lock three security series heavyweight hardware products and upgraded version of "360 smart butler" APP4.0.
As an Internet security service provider, whether it is routing, smart butler app, or door lock, security is still the biggest highlight of 360 new products. However, among these new products, 360 locks are the most influential to the smart lock industry and the most concerned by smart lockers.
As we all know, 360 has always been a highly controversial company. Before the founder Zhou Hongyi founded the black history of 3271 rogue software, and then used the free anti-virus model to subvert the status of Kingsoft Internet Security, Rising, Kaspersky and other anti-virus software giants. And the continuous war of words with Internet giants such as Tencent and Baidu...
So, why should 360 join the chaotic war of smart locks? In my opinion, smart home is a must for all major giants, and smart locks are an entry-level product and an indispensable smart home field. An important part, so 360 has already been laid out in the field of smart homes, naturally will not let go of smart locks;
At the same time, the penetration rate of smart locks in China is relatively low, and the market space in the future is extremely broad. This has become a huge incentive for giants such as Haier, Lenovo, ZTE, Skyworth, Midea, and Xiaomi to deploy smart locks in addition to 360. In the face of the vast market of smart locks, as the latecomer 360, it plays the role of kicking the pavilion, can it succeed?
To answer this question, let's first take a look at the advantages of 360's smart door locks. At present, 360's biggest advantage is brand influence. After years of hard work in security antivirus, browsers, search engines, etc. 360 has nearly 500 million user groups, and this is very likely to become a potential user of 360 security door locks. At the same time, 360 can also promote its own door lock products through its own advantages in the Internet.
In terms of brand influence and promotion channels, 360 has the incomparable advantages of traditional smart lock companies. What advantages does 360 have in terms of product strength?
First, the advantages of design. From the above picture, the 360 ​​security door lock is a push-pull smart lock, and the appearance is very high. It adopts white and black two-color matching. If the fingerprint recognition is placed on the push-pull handle, it will greatly improve the convenience. Overall, this is a simple, stylish, generous, and durable smart lock, which is in line with the aesthetics of today's young people;
Second, the advantages of material selection. It was learned from the conference that the 360 ​​safety door locks were forged from 304 stainless steel from the lock body to the panel to the handle. The whole is resistant to corrosion, heat, moisture, scratch, sturdy and durable, and has strong explosion-proof capability. What is even more commendable is that the stainless steel smart lock can be made so beautiful that the cost is not too low.
Third, the security advantages. 360 security door locks, like most smart locks on the market, provide security functions such as live identification, cryptographic passwords, and security alarms. Of course, these are not enough. Its biggest advantage lies in its original, non-replicable "safety chip key".
It is reported that the 360 ​​security door lock uses the "double row gear + smart chip" key, each key has a unique smart chip, and the internal strong encryption algorithm does not give the copy torger any chance. The key must be authorized by the owner to use it. Unauthorized keys can not only open the door, but also trigger an alarm. The lost key can be deleted by the door lock or the "360 Smart Butler" app, and it can be unlocked by others.
Fourth, automatic anti-lock, unlock. 360 safety door lock adopts mechanical gear transmission with electric control lock body technology to realize push-pull opening; meanwhile, 360 electronic door lock locks the hidden electronic clutch device, and the user automatically locks after going out. Although the current fully automatic smart lock is not a rarity, it is more likely to be favored by users in terms of convenience.
In fact, 360 security door locks are not without defects. For example, remote authorization and remote unlocking on the market have become the standard of smart locks, while 360 ​​security door locks do not provide this function. At the same time, from the price point of view, they have always been good at playing freely. The 360 ​​does not give the user too much surprise in the price, the price of 2999 yuan is almost the same as the current mainstream smart lock price.
The impact of the 360 ​​security door lock on the traditional smart lock enterprises, it is still difficult to say, after all, in China, the smart lock is still in the early stage of popularization, there is no brand that can occupy more than 5% or higher market share. Next, all the companies are on the same starting line, who can become the last king, but also depends on whether they have diamonds in their hands.
Therefore, it is difficult for 360 to come to the pavilion this time. It is difficult to draw conclusions and wait for the reaction and choice of the market and users. We also expect that in the crowdfunding in August, 360 security door locks will be able to hand over a stunning answer.

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