Bonafontein teaches you how to match the bedroom color?


Different colors can be used to decorate different effects. The color of the bedroom should be soft so that it feels calm, the color of the master bedroom should be warm, and the children's room should be more lively. How do you match the bedroom color? I will tell you today by Bonafontein .


The color of the bedroom should be soft so that it feels calm and helps rest. According to the five elements principle, the matching of bedroom colors should correspond to the orientation, as follows:
East and Southeast - green, blue south - lavender, yellow, black west - pink, white and beige, gray north - gray, beige, pink and red northwest - gray, white, Pink, yellow brown, black northeast --- light yellow, rust color southwest --- yellow, brown

Different colors can be used to decorate different effects. For example, white is easy to give people a bright, clean, pure feeling. Yellow is easy to give people a lively, soft, noble feeling, green gives a healthy, quiet, fresh feeling, blue It is easy to give people a deep, soft, broad feeling, purple is easy to give a noble, magnificent, mysterious feeling. The color of the master bedroom should be warm and the floor should be wooden. Children's rooms should use some more lively colors. The more common color scheme is the blues for the boys room and the pink or beige for the girls' room. You can also use some wallpapers with cartoon animals or flowers and plant patterns. Children's rooms can also be placed with more toy racks. The children's room can use wooden floors, which can help children to climb without getting cold. If there is no condition to set the wooden floor, you can also use children's rubber pads, which are mostly colorful, with some puzzle patterns or letters.


The color of the bedroom should be in harmony with the furniture, so pay more attention when choosing furniture. With the improvement of living standards and the enjoyment of material life, various types of furniture with different textures have appeared on the scene, making consumers dazzled. The choice of furniture color determines the color of the whole room, which directly determines the quality of the bedroom decoration. Therefore, when choosing furniture, the color must not be taken lightly.

Generally speaking, when choosing the color of furniture, it is necessary to meet the personal preference, but also pay attention to the size of the room, the darkness of the indoor light, although it should be coordinated with the color of the wall and the ground, but it cannot be too close, otherwise Can not set off each other, but also can not produce good results. For smaller, poorly lit spaces, it is not advisable to choose too cold tones; large rooms, sunny ones, there are more options. In addition, it should be considered that the color of the room with different areas and different functions may be different, and the effect produced is also different. Such as light furniture (including light gray, light beige, light brown, etc.) can make the room a quiet, elegant, quiet atmosphere, and can expand the sense of space, make the room bright and clean; and medium dark furniture (including medium yellow, Orange, etc.) The color is brighter, making the room look lively and bright.

Well, go talks about the color scheme of today's bedroom. Friends who like it can pay attention to our official website to learn more about it.

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